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Quickly have a legal means to restore your property
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A Note From Our Summit Host - Clyde Cleveland
The Common Sense Summit is about freedom-based, bottom-up solutions to our problems. It’s simply Common Sense that we need good health to fully enjoy life.  We need liberty to prosper, and we need a pure environment to thrive.

When we look at Health, Freedom, and the Environment we see that many institutions that are here to help us are actually worthless, or in many cases, creating the conditions that ruin our health, restrict our freedoms, or destroy the environment.  "The Federal Government is America's Biggest Polluter......" Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

As long as we are ruled by a power-craving elite that views us as livestock to manage, our health, freedom, and environment will not flourish.  It is crucial that we rediscover our indigenous power as divinely created human beings and direct our surrogates; corporations, governments, religious organizations, etc. to start working in our best interests.

Our surrogates are clearly out of control, the people managing them believe they have indigenous power and they do not. It is time to re-declare our indigenous power as the founders of America did in July of 1776.
Summit Host
Clyde Cleveland
Here's What We Shared
...From Our World-Class Experts!
Tom Woods

Covid Facts & Myths

One of the liberty movements' best-known speakers delivers the goods on Covid Facts and blows away government lies and narratives. Don't miss one of the most intelligent and highly educated leaders on the American Political scene.
David Austin

Law Enforcement & Natural Law

Our nation's roots derive from common law, if there is no victim there is no crime. This speaker explains how communities can encourage  police to follow this fundamental and universal principle of natural law.
Robert David Steele

Rebuilding America For Everyone!

Our speaker has been a Marine, CIA clandestine officer, analyst, commentator, reviewer of thousands of books, and more. He has laid out systems for rebuilding this country from the bottom up,  one county at a time.  He is a co-founder of the Arise USA Resurrection tour,
Dr. Robert Young

Living The Alkaline Lifestyle

This nationally known Ph.d. in Microbiology has proven that a cancer cell cannot live in an alkaline environment.  He proves that the condition of our immune system is what determines our health and longevity, not germs or viruses. Learn about the 7 Doctors, like Doctors Sun, Water and Exercise.
Jeffrey Smith

The Dangers Of GMO & Gene Editing

Our internationally recognized expert has traveled to 45 countries to address governments and organizations regarding a universal threat to every person in the world.  This stems from our out-of- control manipulation of genes. He has literally written the book on this subject; "Genetic Roulette"
Carey Gillam

"The Monsanto Papers" 

Author Karey Gillam shares the incredible story of how one working class man and one small law firm created the biggest law suit in history.  This book will likely  be a major motion picture as it reads like a Grisham novel. Incredible exposure of corporate greed and corruption. 
Keith Broaders 

Enjoy Learning The Constitution

The principles of our founding documents must be learned or our republic will cease to exist. This expert has devoted his life to making the learning of these founding principles enjoyable for people of all ages including young children. Play games to learn these principles, and everyone benefits.
Xavier Hawk

Decentralize To Maximize Creativity

Blockchain and other technologies can be used to enslave us or to dramatically increase our creativity and prosperity. This expert explains how the most advanced technologies will be used to maximize our prosperity, freedoms, and decentralize all of our overreaching institutions. 
David Straight

What Does It Mean To Be Truly Free?

Our expert is the most successful teacher of TRUE LAW in our country. Knowing the words determine jurisdiction, standing, and status in a courtroom. To be truly self governing, this knowledge is vital. He has saved thousands of children from being separated from parents. 
Sacha Stone

Division Or Unity? We Decide

Founder of Humanitad International explains how to unite nations, faiths, and cultures through projects that bring people together and celebrate unity. He is also a pioneer of renewable energy breakthroughs. He has an international audience of millions.
Trent Loos

The True Meaning Of Sustainability

Hear from a rancher/farmer whose family has been on the same land for over 200 years. True knowledge of sustainability is derived from families that know the land, animals and crops from experience. College sustainability programs can never produce experts with this knowledge. 
Etienne de la Boetie 2

Meet Volunatarist  'De La Boetie'

Boetie was a famous 16th century liberty advocate, he explains in the "Discourse on Voluntary Servitude" that government oppression requires our consent. And that consent can be non-violently withdrawn. The vision: a world with out coercive governments!
Foster Gamble

Global Transition To Higher Consciousness

Learn how a person of an elite family chose the role of Truth seeker over the easy path of a  member of the super rich. Learn about pandemic reality over myth and incredible technologies about to be revealed. His "Thrive" movies have been viewed globally by over 90 million people.
Sheriff Mark Lamb

What Is A Constitutional Sheriff?

Sheriff Lamb runs one of the largest county law enforcement agencies in the United States with several hundred employees. He firmly believes that his role as a sheriff is to protect the constitutional rights of the people who voted for him. He discusses the new organization he has started to inspire sheriffs to be true constitutional sheriffs. 
Kent Heckenlively J.D.

"Google Leaks: A Whistleblower's Exposé Of Big Tech Censorship"

Hear from the co-author the incredible story of how one giant company was attempting to manipulate information that could determine the direction of our country. It was the integrity of one individual that made a difference; Zack Vorhies!
Professor F. Buckley

Are People Happier In Smaller Countries?

The author of "American Secession" and Professor at George Mason University shares his thoughts on the current state of our country and the chance that states will secede. He answers the question; are people happier in smaller countries?
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Are Vaccines And Masks Necessary

Our Triple Board Certified, Osteopathic M.D. with well over 40,000 hours of research on the adverse impact that vaccines can have on health, explains what the Covid shot and wearing masks are doing to our bodies. She will detail for us what happens to our immune system if we take the jab.
Caroline Chang

Oneness Is The Answer

Our speaker is the Producer/Host of Awake 2 Oneness Radio and Founder of the KYLE Foundation (Keep Your Light Expanding). Also, Caroline is writing her first book, a touching true story of a mother’s triumph from the devastating transition of her only son.

"The Strawman"

The author of this 1,000 plus page treatise on sovereignty explores in great detail the relationship between the individual and government. The questions of who we are, what our status is, and what jurisdiction we are in, are all covered in this amazing book.
Jay Dyer

The Elite Is Sharing Their Plan For Humanity

Our expert is an author, TV commentator and researcher. He provides a deep analysis of  the books and speeches of the super elite regarding their plans for human life. This is all in  their own words, it is not conspiracy theory. Warning, you won't like their vision!
Sheriff Richard Mack

The Constitutional Sheriff

Sheriff Mack, of the Mack-Prinz supreme court decision, explains the authority of the county sheriff and the story of the supreme court victory and his launching of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.
Martin Geddes

How To End Institutional Corruption

Harm caused by medical interventions, iatrogenesis, is the third leading cause of death and injury in the US, just behind heart disease and cancer. Author of  "Duty of Candour" explains how to avoid cover ups, malpractice, and unnecessary injuries and deaths.
Commissioner Brad Rogers

Who Wins The Jurisdiction Battle?

This former county Sheriff faced down the FDA over a dispute involving Amish raw milk producers, he successfully rescued a peaceful law abiding family from over-aggressive Federal harassment. Commissioner Rogers explains how local governments can check abuses of federal power.
Reinette Senum

Mayor Fights For Constitutional Rights

Former Mayor of Nevada City CA, explains how her city dealt with Covid lockdowns and mandates. Her fight for constitutional rights and her battle with state authorities contributed to her decision to run for Governor of California.
Michael Badnarik

The Case For Texas Independence

Our speaker, Constitutional expert and former US Presidential candidate for the Libertarian party makes the case for Texas independence. In this interview he announces his candidacy for President of the future country of Texas. Texas would have the 17th highest GDP, just ahead of Canada.
Lenka Koloma

Will We Fight To Keep Our Freedoms?

An escapee from communist Czechoslovakia is amazed at how easily Americans are willing to give up their freedoms. She explains her unceasing efforts to inspire and lead others to restore lost rights from lockdowns and unconstitutional mandates.
Xavier Laboy

What Is Our Legal Status At Birth?

Our expert focuses on the birth process and what happens to us legally based on the corporate USA, created without our knowledge in 1871. This is critical information for those who want to enjoy their natural rights.
Christo Hartman

Businesses Killed By Lockdowns Can Survive!

Our expert, assistant to counsel, helps business owners reopen their business and file charges against those responsible for damages. This process can be a game changer for business owners all over the country.
Dave Roberts

What Is The Constitution Of 1871?

Find out how our republic was surreptitiously converted into a corporation in 1871 and what that means for America. We are unaware of our true relationship with our government. A fraudulent act was perpetrated, can it be fixed? There is no statute of limitations for fraud.
Dr. Carrie Madej

Covid Injection: Vaccine Or Gene Therapy?

Doctor with 20 years of experience managing medical clinics, explains why the current shot people are receiving is not a vaccine but is a medical device. It is truly gene therapy and has no relationship to a traditional vaccine. Learn the potential harm from taking this injection.
Nicole Sirotek

Whistleblower Nurse Goes Global

Frontline flight nurse with 10 years experience in critical care and mass casualty training exposes a level of fraud and malpractice that is off the charts in New York hospitals in early days of Pandemic. The level of death that resulted needs to be revealed so it never happens again. 
Cathi Chamberlain

Creating Successful Grass Roots Activism

This author teaches us how to defend our eternally valid principles of liberty from radical communist/socialist doctrines. She shows us how we overcome the 11 principles of the "Rules for Radicals" by Alinsky and defeat those who want to destroy our freedoms,  a legacy envied by the world. 
Ty Bollinger

Stunning New Covid Vaccine News

The creator of "Truth About Cancer" & "Truth About Vaccines" shares his knowledge about Covid, the vaccines and the medical/pharma/congressional complex. Learn what you can do to keep yourself and your family safe in these trying times. 
Kent Heckenlively J.D.

Exposing Corruption In Our Health System.

The co-author of the three-book series "Plague of Corruption" explains the inner workings of the medical/pharmaceutical/congressional complex. The sordid track record of the infamous Dr. Fauci is fully revealed in these books and in this interview. 
Sheriff Jesse Watts

How To Speak Truth To Power

Sheriff Watts tells the story of how he educated the Nevada Governor and county commissioners regarding Covid Restrictions and mandates. One young sheriff setting an example for every law enforcement officer who has taken the oath to defend the constitutional rights of the people.
Charlene Bollinger

What Is The Great Awakening?

This speaker travels the world speaking about cancer. In this interview she exposes two opposing visions for the world. Transhumanism, the vision of the elites, versus an age of beauty, freedom, prosperity, and universal love, which is the vision of an ever increasing number of people on our planet.
Stanley Barabas

How We Lost Our Freedom To A Corporation

The 1789 constitution gave us a republic, the document states that fact. How did the people of a republic become defrauded into becoming corporate slaves? This conversation with our expert speaker answers that question. It provides the solution to recovering our republic.
Richard Maybury

What Is The Basis Of Common Law?

The renowned author of "Whatever Happened to Justice" and "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy"  reminds us of the origins of common law and how crucial it is to restoring and preserving our freedoms. There is no subject more important than restructuring our corrupt legal system.
Caroline Wetherington

Defend Our Union

Our speaker is the director of "Defend Florida" an organization that is uniting various grassroots organizations dedicated to saving our constitutional republic. She explains how powerful we can be if we are united, and the importance of making it a nationwide effort.  
Ralph Moore

Rebuilding America One County At A Time

Our speaker, Florida State coordinator for the "Assembly of States" an organization in the U.S. created to repopulate and rebuild our original natural-law based republic. This is as grass roots as it gets with each person reestablishing their own status as a member of the original republic.
Brett Bohl

Rebuilding America One County At A Time

This speaker visits ever county in Ohio to rebuild the state one county at a time. He inspires people to work together to improve their communities, resolve local issues, bring people together across racial and political divides, increase prosperity by teaching success principles to young people. He provides a stellar model for community organizers everywhere.
Marc Victor Esq.

The Live & Let Live Movement 

Our speaker has spent decades as a criminal law attorney dealing with serious offenders including accused murderers. He believes the "Live and Let Live" principle is the only true peace movement in the world. It's one of those simple but profound principles of action that could literally change the world.
Dr. John Diamond

An Appeal To Heaven

The author of "Fighting The Next American Revolution" explains what has gone wrong in our county in clear terms. There is a higher law than man-made government. When our institutions violate that law it is our duty to "alter or abolish" them. 
Dr. John Lott

More Guns Less Crime

Our speaker, a PhD. in economics, was researching crime statistics when he realized states with more gun owners had lower crime rates. This realization led to multiple books proving that gun ownership reduces crime and violence globally.
David Arthur

Sexual Confusion In Public Schools

Our speaker, author of "Refined," tells his story of abuse and recruitment into the LGBTQ movement. This story is graphic and unsettling but absolutely essential for every parent and grandparent to hear. It is a call to action. 
Dr. Alan Keyes

The Future Of America

This former ambassador, and U.S. Presidential candidate, discusses the current state of affairs in America. Topics include the lust for power, critical race theory, slavery, and his view of America's future. 
Alex Newman

Home School To Save Your Children

The author of "Crimes of the Educators" explains why homeschooling can work for any family. His argument that this movement will save our country is compelling. In the last 15 months, the number of homeschoolers has doubled! 
Thomas Costanzo

Is Crypto Currency Here To Stay?

Our expert became a dealer of Bitcoin when it was $6.00 per coin. He discusses the future of cryptocurrencies and why you should own some. If governments have currency competition inflation is reduced. The FBI arrested him, put him in prison, and he has no idea what happened to his 80 bitcoins.
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